How not to conduct an advertising campaign

“Gets rid of blackheads, the heartbreak of psoriasis, Christ, you don’t know the meaning of heartbreak, buddy, C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon ‘Cause it’s effective, it’s defective, it creates household odors, It disinfects, it sanitizes for your protection It gives you an erection, it wins the election Why put up with painful corns any longer? It’s a redeemable coupon, no obligation, no salesman will visit your home We got a jackpot, jackpot, jackpot, prizes, prizes, prizes, […]

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Romance, Hearts & Wine: Advice for Men on Valentine’s Day

We women love romance, I don’t care what protestations we might make. So when someone asks, what is your first romantic memory involving wine, I can point to it most unequivocally, and tell you that it happened when the only thing I knew about wine was that it was made from grapes and contained alcohol. Most Romantic First Date Ever I met this guy in a wine bar. But not like you think. My friend […]

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Wine Intelligence admits Bias, Ulterior Motives in “Wine Blogger Distrust” Release

Last week Wine Intelligence, the self-proclaimed “leading research-led strategy consultancy serving the global wine industry,” released the following: Consumers wary of blogger recommendations, according to research Independent bloggers are one of the least trusted wine information sources in the UK, USA and France, according to research published today, despite the growing importance of the Internet as a source of information about wine. In a post yesterday on their own site they begin to backpedal: Arguably […]

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Sinfully Decadent Delights and Festive Champagne

There is a much-repeated myth that great sex stops after marriage. Politely speaking, a number of euphemisms come to mind. At worst, “that well dries up” and at best; “dessert turns to the plain vanilla variety.” Big Pharma’s latest goldmine promises to restore the dying embers. Names like Cialis and Viagra flash across the television screen while she wonders ‘why are they in separate bathtubs?” and he; “is there really anything wrong with more than […]

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Announcing the Results of the 2010 Annual AWB Self-Serving Wino Survey

Another Wine Blog is delighted to reveal the results of our 2010 Annual AWB Self-Serving Wino Survey. But first, a few words about our methodology. After all, a survey of any kind is only as good as the methodology employed and only a complete douchebag would refuse to reveal how the results were obtained, n’est-ce pas? Initially it was determined that our questions would be designed in such a way so we could gather information […]

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Part II – White Zin: Guilty Pleasure or Virtuous Vice

White Zinfandel can be compared to Viagra, in that it came about as somewhat of a fluke; it’s a great wine for production in the age of instant gratification; and its success has been wildly profitable. The debate among bloggers and wine industry professionals puts White Zin somewhere between guilty pleasure and virtuous vice. Back in August, we had volunteered to provide pairings for a Wine Tasting fundraiser for some local candidates running for office. As […]

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