3 Party Essentials for the Fabulous Wine-Loving Woman

As a fabulous wine-loving woman, are you looking for ways to make your life easier? You have come to the right place. I found three products that are essential for holiday parties that you will want to use the whole year through to keep your party dress spill-free, your teeth sparkling white, and your luscious lips not only kissable, but invisible to Baccarat, Mikasa, Riedel, Schott Zweisel or Waterford. Keep Your Lips off my Glass […]

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Eating Calçots: Deep Throat in Barcelona

Barcelona is a food lovers’ paradise — where supper starts at 9:00 or 10:00 in the evening and can go on well past midnight. You will not leave a restaurant hungry, and can sample multiple dishes in the form of world-famous “tapas” (small plates). The Swine is King and one can even find Jamón serrano in a cone along the streets near the tourist centers. I have been here since late Monday on a media […]

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The “F” Word and Mother Nature’s Lady Parts: VINTAGE 2014

If you think you know what someone means when she says “the ‘F’ Word,” you probably have not spent much time with a winemaker. Talk of Lady parts and Mother Nature’s ass — it was not quite was I expected when Wil Fernandez sent me a sneak preview of VINTAGE 2014: the stories behind the vines. I have seen some of the initial filming, and the photography is stunning, but I was not prepared to […]

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Wine Swingers

Be a Swinger, or Divorce Your Wine Guy!

People love to ask about our favorite local wine merchant. Truth be told, we do not have many. In fact most of our wine is shipped to us. So it is pretty safe to say our favorite wine usually comes via FedEx. When I wrote a version this post back in 2010, we did not have a favorite wine guy. Or girl, in Houston. Then our good friend Iris Allen invited us to a hidden gem in […]

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Top 10 Things I Learned at WBC 2014

The 2014 Wine Bloggers’ Conference co-mingled about 150 citizen bloggers and 200-plus wine and related industry personnel with wine makers and producers from all over the world last week at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott in Buellton, California. This was the seventh year of the annual event started by Joel Vincent and Zephyr Adventures in 2008, and now run primarily by Zephyr with a small board of advisors. In addition to Buellton, the North American WBC conventioneers have […]

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Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarships: From Donor to Recipient the WBC changed my life!

Many of my friends, and much of what I know about wine started with the first Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rosa, California in 2008. Sure I had taken a few seminars through University of Toledo’s own wine expert, Professor John A. Barrett, and we had traveled once to Sonoma on our own as a post American Bar Association Annual Meeting. But then it was mainly about drinking the wine, rather than immersion in the […]

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Only a Ginger can call a Ginger….SNAP!

One of my father’s favorite treats was a ginger snap cookie — or should I say cookies! M&Ms had nothing on this zesty treat – my dad could never eat just one ginger snap. He had this old green recliner with a former sewing basket as an end table. I would come home from my retail job at Lazarus to find him snacking away. “Hey Sissy,” he’d say, “want a ‘Snap?” Then he would reach into […]

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Fabio, Not-Fabio and the Fancy French Cocktail Contest

“I am in Houston today, can we get together for cocktails?” comes a text from a wine country friend. It was a bit unexpected, but I have to be in the city later anyway, so I make plans to meet at House of Blues’ Crossroads restaurant. Joe and I have a concert to attend that evening, so I think I will chat up my friend early before meeting Joe there for dinner. The great thing […]

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