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%#&@ the Pilgrims!

WARNING! The following post may contain language, ideas, and humor that some might consider offensive. If you feel that you might be one of these people then this post might be about you or someone you know and we highly recommend that you use your back button or click here for an excellent turkey brining article. Yum, turkey! With stuffing too! Mmmm! Buh-bye now. Enjoy your brined turkey.

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Star-Spangled Beaujolais!

With a few snaps of your camera over the holiday, you could win an entire case of wine! Discover Beaujolais is hosting a monthly Flickr contest that kicks off with the Fourth of July weekend! Here’s how it works: take a picture of you and your friends or family enjoying a glass of Beaujolais while celebrating America’s Independence. It could be while putting up decorations, attending a backyard barbecue, or watching the fireworks! Then choose […]

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June 10th is National Iced Tea Day!

It was one of those days. In a long line of them. Three days before tax filing day my laptop crashed. The morning after another raucous TasteLive! event, I run a Microsoft update. Being late for work, and forgetting that I still have the winery’s media DVD in the drive, I choose “Install and shut down” and leave for work. Unfortunately, when I get home and attempt to start up the computer it goes into […]

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Romance, Hearts & Wine: Advice for Men on Valentine’s Day

We women love romance, I don’t care what protestations we might make. So when someone asks, what is your first romantic memory involving wine, I can point to it most unequivocally, and tell you that it happened when the only thing I knew about wine was that it was made from grapes and contained alcohol. Most Romantic First Date Ever I met this guy in a wine bar. But not like you think. My friend […]

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Fabulous Valentine Gifts for the Wine Lover

You’ve been racking your brain for the perfect Valentine gift for your wine lover and are all out of ideas? We found two fabulous gifts for the man or woman who has everything. The Durand for vintage cork removal If you tend to collect and age wine, you’ll find that sometimes a traditional corkscrew just won’t do the trick. Even with newer bottles, those with composite corks sometimes break while you’re trying to remove them. […]

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Far Out Wineries Passport Weekend: January 14-17th

Paso Robles’ 17 “Far Out Wineries” invite wine lovers to taste their way through award-winning wines during a special Passport Weekend Friday, January 14 through Monday, January 17, 2011. Now in its fourth year, the Far Out Wineries Passport Weekend proceeds benefit The Wellness Community – California Central Coast, which offers programs of education, support and hope for cancer patients and their families. This year the event, set for Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend is […]

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Look back in ambiguity

End of the year posts are all the rage. It seems like every blog has an obligatory post highlighting some sort of ‘best’ list from the previous year. Why should we here at Another Wine Blog be any different? Well, maybe because we like to think that we are just a little bit different. Or maybe it is because out of the hundreds of wines we sampled, many that were excellent, I can’t think of […]

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Sinfully Decadent Delights and Festive Champagne

There is a much-repeated myth that great sex stops after marriage. Politely speaking, a number of euphemisms come to mind. At worst, “that well dries up” and at best; “dessert turns to the plain vanilla variety.” Big Pharma’s latest goldmine promises to restore the dying embers. Names like Cialis and Viagra flash across the television screen while she wonders ‘why are they in separate bathtubs?” and he; “is there really anything wrong with more than […]

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Wine for the Holidays: America’s Most-Visited Winery

There are plenty of people who do exactly what they’re told. Who follow all of the rules. Who “know their place” from birth to death. The type of people who do not see a bullfighter’s red cape when someone tells them they cannot or may not do something. Joe is not one of those people. And neither am I. Often in younger years this was probably much to our detriment. For me, it was nearly […]

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