Star-Spangled Beaujolais!

With a few snaps of your camera over the holiday, you could win an entire case of wine! Discover Beaujolais is hosting a monthly Flickr contest that kicks off with the Fourth of July weekend! Here’s how it works: take a picture of you and your friends or family enjoying a glass of Beaujolais while celebrating America’s Independence. It could be while putting up decorations, attending a backyard barbecue, or watching the fireworks! Then choose […]

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Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day!

Joe likes to tell people that he rescued me from becoming a Cat Lady. You know the stereotype: the over-40 single woman whose constant companions are an every-increasing number of cats. She may just leave food out on the patio. Or she may be unable to say “no” to any poor bedraggled feline who crosses her path. The latter was me. Once a Cat Collector At one point I had seven cats. Most came to […]

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Open post

Robert Parker is NOT responsible for Kenny G!

In April of 1970 Miles Davis released one of the truly unique, original and influential albums of all time. Bitches Brew took listeners places no one even knew existed until Davis showed the way. Unlike the “cool” Miles Davis of Kind of Blue or Birth of the Cool, this Miles was in your face, aggressive and highly experimental. It was as if Davis heard Coltrane in a new way via Jimi Hendrix and something inside […]

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Get your toe out of my wine!

The other day during a conversation about music I stated that I could probably be perfectly happy listening to nothing but bands that came out of Detroit and Austin if I absolutely had to. I grew up immersed in the sounds of one city, and can day trip to the other, but even if I hadn’t those would probably still have been my choices. It wouldn’t exactly be tough to live on a diet of […]

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TasteLive! Tuesday: Rodney Strong

Join us and the other panelists of TasteLive! as we toast to a Bright Idea: Wining, Dining and Spooning with Rodney Strong to help recognize the winery’s Green Light Pledge. The Green Light Pledge, launched in March to inspire folks to switch out incandescent light bulbs and save energy, gave away energy-efficient CFL light bulbs to anyone who pledged to replace a standard incandescent bulb with a CLF. It was so successful, that Rodney Strong […]

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7 Things You Might Not Know…

Since attending the first Wine Bloggers’ Conference in 2008 in Santa Rosa, I’ve spent a lot of time “palling around with terroirists” and got to know The Beer Wench in the process. Ashley’s is one of the few blogs to which I actually subscribe. I notice she has been posting quite often lately, thus shaming me even more for my failure to post at least every other day. So I thought I’d take her up on her little challenge, and actually do something I rarely do, actually “blog.”

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Romance, Hearts & Wine: Advice for Men on Valentine’s Day

We women love romance, I don’t care what protestations we might make. So when someone asks, what is your first romantic memory involving wine, I can point to it most unequivocally, and tell you that it happened when the only thing I knew about wine was that it was made from grapes and contained alcohol. Most Romantic First Date Ever I met this guy in a wine bar. But not like you think. My friend […]

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Wine Intelligence admits Bias, Ulterior Motives in “Wine Blogger Distrust” Release

Last week Wine Intelligence, the self-proclaimed “leading research-led strategy consultancy serving the global wine industry,” released the following: Consumers wary of blogger recommendations, according to research Independent bloggers are one of the least trusted wine information sources in the UK, USA and France, according to research published today, despite the growing importance of the Internet as a source of information about wine. In a post yesterday on their own site they begin to backpedal: Arguably […]

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