Wine experts usually exhort their readers to branch out and try new styles. Usually this is an effort to move people out of their cabernet and chardonnay ruts. Often times the recommendation for chardonnay drinkers is to try viognier. While I definitely agree with this advice, the information in this article on the varietal makes me wonder if this is because California wine makers are not getting the most out of this wonderful grape. From […]

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Cheap Pinot?

This is an excellent article on Pinot Noir, and some winemakers who are striving to put it on all of our tables. Having tried some of these, I like what they are doing. Sure, they aren’t spectacular examples of the variety, but they are certainly very drinkable. I wish them all the luck in the world. From the article: It starts to feel a bit like unrequited love. What is the Pinot lover to do […]

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Waiter, there is dirt in my wine!

How much dirt is in your wine? They observed during the course of the growing season that in almost all vineyards there will inevitably be various human impacts to the soil — from tractors and other mechanical equipment making trips hither and yon, to vineyard workers who kick up dust as they walk through the vine rows tending to various tasks. Dirt flies everywhere. The dirt and dust splayed into the air settles on grapes […]

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Where is the best place to buy wine?

These days there is no shortage of places to buy wine. There is wine at the supermarket, there are huge chain package liquor stores, there are specialty shops, wine clubs, and Internet shopping available to almost all of us. Personally, I use all of the above. There are plenty of good wines at reasonable prices in your local supermarket and at the big package store. However, they do require that you have an idea of […]

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