Wine Competitions: It Won a Medal – It Must be Good!

A research study published in a recent issue of the Journal of Wine Economics found an interesting aspect of wine competitions that might be disturbing to our the aforementioned winemaker as well as to consumers who choose their purchases based on medals and ribbons: A gold medal in one competition does not mean a gold medal in another. In fact is may not even mean it’s good!

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Corkage Fees – What are they?

cork·age (kôrkj) n. A charge exacted at a restaurant for every bottle of liquor served that was not bought on the premises. That is how The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language defines it. It is also how I have always defined it. A corkage fee is used by establishments that allow patrons to bring in their own bottles. This is done for a very wide variety of reasons and the fees reflect this […]

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Winos stole my burrito!

Wine has changed my life in so many ways, almost all of which have been positive from my point of view. There are the health benefits, social benefits, and probably most profound of all, the opportunities that writing about it has opened for me. One change that I have mixed feelings about is in the way that I relate to food since becoming a full-fledged (as opposed to being a half-assed) wino. Food and wine […]

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One for You, Two for Me: Blending Can be FUN!

Joe definitely is the cook in our house.  He has also had success making his own beer. But there is a little something I can brag about from out latest trip to Wine Country – blending. I won two of three blending contests. My individual honor came at a blending session in the wine cave at HALL, after we and a few other wine journalists (aka bloggers) spent the day learning about the HALL practices […]

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