Don’t be the dumbass

Over the weekend my wife and I attended a wine stroll in Galveston on the Strand. It was a wonderful event. The Strand is a beautiful district that combines ultra-touristy shops, history, and increasingly, some of the best restaurants in the state of Texas. The last claim was born out by a chance meeting as we stopped for sustenance as we worked our way through the stops on the stroll. We popped into Luigi’s, an […]

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How the light gets in

In his immortal song “Anthem” Leonard Cohen says: There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in. I have loved that lyric from the first time that I heard it. It holds true for so many things. A crooked smile or some other “flaw” are often what elevate a pretty woman to a beautiful one. Milk has to go “bad” to become cheese. Billie Holiday had wonderful phrasing that is still imitated […]

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Simple Pleasures

When we think of great food our imagination can be forgiven for conjuring up images of sizzling, perfectly cooked steaks, or the memory of a sublime creation with exotic ingredients and a stunning sauce from the kitchen of a magical restaurant visited on a past journey. But few of us are able to eat meals like that everyday, and even if we could, I do not believe many would choose to.

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A Matter of Taste

Last night my wife and I went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. She remarked that we seemed to have swapped tastes. She was ordering Philadelphia rolls and Texas/Japanese fusion style items that would make a sushi purist cringe, but are actually quite tasty, and I had ordered simple raw fish and rice. This is the complete opposite of what we used to do. This got me thinking about even more profound shifts in […]

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