Another Wine Blogger: Step into Beau’s Barrel Room

Next month Beau Carufel marks one year of wine blogging at Beau’s Barrel Room. We met Beau in June at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Washington. Beau was sitting in Wine Blogging 101 attempting to gather pearls of wisdom from the learned panelists while random audio from a concurrent session kept inserting itself into the conversation. Gotta love technology.

Beau Carufel
Beau Carufel

Beau says he started blogging at the behest of some of his best friends.

I got into wine blogging as an outlet for the wines I drank and my constant desire to share them. That and some of my best friends called me out on my continued promises to write about all the wine I got to taste. They basically said “You always talk about writing a blog, shut up and just do it!”

A 27-year old native of San Diego, California, Beau says he has been interest in wine from a young age. Beau’s father owns a distributorship in San Diego. “So I grew up in the business, so to speak,” he says. “I got to meet and interact with winemakers from an early age and that led me down this path. I can’t say that one specific wine did it for me, rather, being able to taste many wines opened my eyes to the amazing variety of wines we get to drink.”

Beau’s Barrel Room doesn’t focus on anything specific in terms of varietal, region or style. It’s a very down-to-earth casual approach to wine, and has a regular-guy-next-door feel to it. And Beau likes to give a shout out to fellow bloggers in his wine reviews.

The best best best thing about being a wine blogger is the amazing network of wine people I’ve been able to meet since October. Not just at events like the Wine Bloggers Conference either, but around San Diego and even New York. I love making those connections and forming friendships with people as enthusiastic about wine as I am.

Beau posts reviews but he also writes about the “forays” into his kitchen. And he gives readers things to think about with posts like Can We Taste Colors?

We asked Beau about his favorite wines and what we might find on his “Bucket List” that is, the wines he must drink before he goes to the great vineyard in the sky. Beau says it would take a while to list all of his favorite wines, but that he loves Priorat, Red and White Burgundy and Left Bank Bordeaux from the Old World, and New World wines like Syrah from Chile, Australia and Washington; Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc; and Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir.

And the Bucket List?

“I’d love to try some of those cult California Cabs like Harlan or Screaming Eagle, just to see.” says Beau. “Also, a vertical of Domaine Romanee Conti going back perhaps 30 years would be wonderful.”

We asked Beau who he might like to sit down and share a bottle with, either living or dead. He listed some of the wine titans:

I’d love to pick the brains of people like Joel Peterson or Aubert de Villaine. Sitting down to share a bottle with Robert Mondavi is any wine lover’s wish, just to try and get even a small bit of his passion and drive would make us all better at what we do.

A licensed pilot, Beau earned his wings in 2002 at Embry-Riddle University in Prescott, Arizona. He currently works for a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores, but hopes to relocate to the Napa Valley soon to get back into the wine industry full time. Beau says about his blog;

“If you’re looking for a different voice and more casual approach to wine, I think you’ll enjoy my blog,” he says. “What I’m going for is engagement and fun, fostering dialogue and most importantly, getting wine drinkers to be open-minded about trying new things.”

Beau sees wine as ‘liquid art.’

“Wine brings us together,” he says. “We get to drink something created by someone with an incredible passion for what they’re doing. There isn’t much else that can bring that experience to us in this world.”

You can read about Beau’s kitchen exploits and the wines he enjoys at Beau’s Barrel Room and chat with him on twitter @UCBeau.

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