Some photos from Santorini

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Due to a very tight schedule here in Greece, we have taken tons of photos, copious notes, and gathered up literature from as many places as we can, but have really not had the chance to write anything. In the coming weeks, and possibly even months, we will try and write about as much of this trip as we can. It has been a real eye opener with regards to the food and wine of Santorini. And while our eyes were open, here are some of the things we have seen. I wish I could say that these photos captured how beautiful and spectacular it is here, but they don’t even come close. Even so, I hope that you enjoy them.

Click on the smaller images to see them full size, especially the spectacular and legendary sunset. Yiamas!


  • Sofia Perpera

    I am glad you are enjoying Santorini. It really is a place like no other. Sometimes you look at the view and feel grateful that you are alive and breathing.
    I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    • Houstonwino

      Thanks Sofia, everything you say is very true. I have never seen any place so stunningly beautiful in my life.

      We look forward to seeing again too!


  • 1winedude

    That about sums it up!

    • Houstonwino

      I'm just getting warmed up! The food pics are almost as spectacular as the scenery. :)

  • lali00

    Joe, the photos are great. If the wine and food there are as good, you must have been in heaven!

    • Houstonwino

      Thanks! The food and wine really were as good. As you can see from the newest post, the food was heavenly! :)

  • Cookincanuck

    Santorini is one of my favorite place on Earth. You brought back so very good memories.

  • thepinkpeppercorn

    OMG! It doesn't look real!

  • thepinkpeppercorn

    OMG! It doesn’t look real!

  • Californiawinetrails

    These are some really wonderful shots you took. Thanks for Sharing.


  • Anna Patrick

    After I visited the Amalfi Coast, I though there’s no place else to overwhelm me with beauty. Until I discovered Santorini, that stills haunts my travel dreams with its amazing Caldera views. Here are some memories from Santorini and other beautiful Greek Islands

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  • Santorini Hotel

    Santorini is a beautiful island with great wines. Thank you for sharing these nice photos.