Ramblings from 30,000 feet and many miles from home

I seem to talk a lot about planes these days. Morning in Houston will soon fade into morning in Athens. Amy and I are hurling through the inky void on our way to the fabled island of Santorini. The fact that we are traveling at 30,000 feet while maintaining a speed of almost 650 miles an hour as we travel over 6000 miles in less than a day day barely registers as remarkable. In fact, leading up to the trip I was dreading the flight. I know it should seem like a miracle to be able to accomplish that feat, but what always strikes me as miraculous is landing.

I have a basic understanding of the science behind take off and the actual flight. I trust that, God willing, if the plane gains enough velocity to allow the wings to provide the necessary lift for this huge bird to take to the sky, it is likely to remain there. But every landing is pure magic. Magic that requires the same sort of faith that allows a firewalker to navigate the coals, or those of a certain political persuasion to keep voting for candidates with the IQ’s of retarded fence posts no matter how often they fail spectacularly. Suddenly we are no longer trusting the laws of physics or the hand of God, but the hands of a human hold our fate.

Landings also mean we have arrived somewhere new, or that we’re home. They mean that we soared at 30,000 feet and have survived dropping out of the sky from that height. They signal the beginning of an adventure, or the homecoming after being away. As I type this we are still about 3 hours from a landing that promises to be the start of a great adventure. If you are reading this , it means that our adventure has begun. If you aren’t reading this, that means we are so completely and horribly screwed.

I will assume however, that it will be read and continue writing. We have been invited, along with Joe Roberts, aka 1WineDude, avec entourage, to travel to Santorini, or Thera, to sample their wine and legendary cuisine. Also legendary is the region itself, as it is alleged to have been the site of the lost continent of Atlantis. We tried desperately to get our hosts to fly you all over here too, but since they politely but firmly declined, we will do our best to share our adventures with you over the next week or so.

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