Wine Glass Give-Away! Win a trip to Napa!

Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson creates a new wine tasting experience, with the launch of The OneTM–wine glasses that take the guesswork out of wine tasting. Not only can you win a set of these glasses on Another Wine Blog; if you act FAST, you might just win a trip to Napa!

The OneTM: Wine Glasses for the Sensible Wine Lover

These are practical, sensible glasses; one for red and another for white. They’re dishwasher safe. And they don’t require investment in several sets of six different lead-crystal glasses to “show” the wine’s nose, the taste on the palate, the wine’s mouthfeel and finish.

AWB on The OneTM: Appearances Can be Deceiving!

At first glance these glasses look a little off. The OneTM for red wine looks too small, and both have more sharp angles than most wine glasses. Those angles make it appear that the opening is too small to really get your nose into the bowl. The old saying about looks being deceiving is definitely applicable to these glasses.

It turns out that you can, in fact, get your nose into the bowl of the glass. And those angular sides really help keep the aromas in the glass. The thin rim feels like a crystal glass, but these are dishwasher safe. They come out sparkling and we have not had to polish one yet. We’ve just begun using them, but they are already becoming favorites.

Andrea Immer Robinson on The OneTM

Crystal clarity, the right shape, and a thin rim are critical to making the most of every wine you buy. But like wine itself, the stemware doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. The truth is you don’t need a different stem to get the most out of each type of grape. Blind tasting after blind tasting has proven this to me and to many other wine professionals including some of the best palates in the business.

After more than two years testing the best glass designs and prototypes of my own with every grape, style, age and quality level of red and white wines, I have developed a white and a red stem that outperform them all, including the grape-specific stems even when paired with the wine style for which they were created.

The One is also…

~ Break Resistant
~ Dishwasher Safe
~ Beautiful
~ High Quality – Lead Free European Crystal

Back when we started our quest to learn more about wine, we watched videos and television programs hosted by Andrea Immer, one of the leading wine educators in the beverage industry. She is one of only 16 women who have achieved the status of Master Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, and the first woman ever chosen Best Sommelier in the United States by the Sommelier Society of America. Her book, Great Wine Made Simple, in one of the first in our library, and was a James Beard Award nominee. Her website, Andrea Wine, hosts a wealth of information, and gives readers an opportunity to rate wines like the pros!

Win a Trip to Napa

In celebration of the launch of the One at Macy’s stores everywhere, Andrea Robinson is running a contest for a Chance to Wine a Wine Weekend for Two in Napa Valley. The none-too-shabby prize includes:

* Round-trip airfare
* A two-night stay at the beautiful Calistoga Ranch, an Auberge Resort, in Napa Valley, California.
* A private wine tasting with Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson.
* Two Reserve tastings at Duckhorn and Trefethen Vineyards, proudly featuring The One TM glasses.

To enter the contest, sponsored by Delta Airlines, Macy’s and Auberge Resorts, entrants need only to connect with Andrea on Facebook or Twitter. But to make sure you’re qualified, follow the directions on Andrea’s Contest Page! Contest ends at midnight July 9, 2010. So if you want to enter, get over to her page now!

We’re Giving Away a Set of The OneTM

To help launch these great new wine glasses, Andrea Robinson offered to allow us to give away a set of her glasses on Another Wine Blog! To enter, just post a link to this post on Facebook, twitter, or your own blog. Then come back in the comment section and tell us where you posted. All entrants will be placed in a “hat” and we’ll pick one lucky winner to receive a set of glasses. The One giveaway on Another Wine Blog will also end at midnight on July 9th!

Good Luck!

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