Wine Label Art

Sometimes the labels on wine are so beautiful that you hate to just throw them out with the bottle. My wife uses adhesive sheets made for the task to remove the ones she likes and saves them in scrapbooks. Well, at least the ones that her oaf of a husband doesn’t stain with wine when he pours. She hates that. However, she does like being mentioned in my articles so I guess that ends up being a wash.

We started keeping the labels of wines that we like because it is easier to associate the labels for us than remember names when we are shopping for wine. That has been expanded to keeping ones that appeal to us esthetically, as well.

This is a good article on how to remove wine labels and has some excellent ideas of how to save and display them.

Speaking of wine art, here are a few very nice posters of labels:

Grapes and Labels IChardonnayWine Bottles and Labels IIRhone Wine Label

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