Hostess Gift-Giving: Planet Friendly Wine Bags will Travel!

Here at Another Wine Blog, we try to do our best to recycle. Leftover wine becomes a reduction sauce for meat, or a great addition to some of Joe’s zesty barbecue sauce!

Recently, our neighborhood was named third best recyclers in all of Houston — and I’m convinced all the empty wine bottles probably helped! But we consider ourselves lucky that the city now has an automated recycling program so we no longer have to drive to Ellington Field to take our bottles, plastic and paper. There’s something about using a car to burn gasoline to go “save the planet” by recycling that just doesn’t make sense.

Texas Two Step
The Texas 2-Step

We also tend to recycle paper gift bags at least two or three times. It’s always funny when my mother says, “Oh, what a pretty bag!” and it’s one that she had given me previously. Well now there are even prettier bags that you can recycle again and again.

They’re called wrapsacks. We received one as a product sample, and I thought it was pretty cool.  The note inside said “Since you’re from Texas, I had to send you the stars and stripes!” Which is funny, because I may be from Texas, my friends will tell you that I’m not your “typical Texan.”

The bags are fashioned out of batiked cloth. They come in several sizes. And they even have beautiful fabric cards as well. Of all the fabrics the bags come in, this would probably be the last one I would choose — just because I’m so not into the whole Stars and Stripes Americana thing. But since it was assumed I was, I thought I’d put together a picture to show you the product! What you can’t see is that inside the wrapsack is a bottle of HALL Merlot from Napa Valley, a blend of 90% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Malbec, and one of the wines that we enjoyed as guests at the HALL winery last summer. I found this 2005 vintage at a local wine merchant for just under $30.

Says Wine Spectator of the 2004,

“An elegant style, with blackberry, mocha and spice aromas and focused black cherry, roasted coffee and toasty vanilla tones.” – Wine Spectator, November 2007

Since Kathryn Hall is a part-time Texan, and red is the signature color for HALL, it seemed like a fitting wine to go into the bag, sitting beside my well-worn red cowboy boots.

Another fun aspect of the wrapsack is that you can track its travels, just like the dollar bills at Where’s George? Each bag has a tracking number on the inside label, and you can go to the Track-a-Sack tab to see where your bag came from and indicate where it’s going.

If you’re invited to Thanksgiving dinner, don’t put your hostess’ gift in any old paper bag. Help Save the Planet – take it in a wrapsack! You can find out more about them in the video below, or visit their website at


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