Palate Shock

Yesterday at the Wine Bloggers Conference was a blast. I met a lot of great folks and tasted a lot of fantastic wines. The conference is a wonderful thing, and I hope that I can attend every year. However, as I posted yesterday, tasting like this is not easy. When I wrote about my palate being shot after the Live Blogging session, this is what I faced right after.

This was just one of three walls just like it, all full of wines from New Zealand. This particular wall was lined with mostly Sauvignon Blanc. It was a mile long gauntlet of grapefruit and cat’s pee. I made it through intact, but was definitely bloodied and bruised by the experience. To be honest, only two wines out of the entire tasting session stood out. Part of that was that I was no longer able to taste very well at that point, and the other was the wine selection itself.

The two that I really liked were the Allan Scott Marlborough Blanc de Blanc NV and the Mount Grey Estate Sauvignon Blanc Waipara 2008 by Greystone Wines. Those Kiwis sure are terse when naming their wines.

After the New Zealand tastings we sat down to a great dinner with 6 more wines that we actually drank instead of spitting. We were treated to some very entertaining speakers, including, as you can see below, Gary Vaynerchuk, channeling the Dark Lord and exhorting us to “BLOG, BLOG, and BLOG SOME MORE!”

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