Tonight: TasteLive! Blogging with Wines of Argentina

Wine Regions of Argentina Last week it was wines from Salta. Tonight we’ll be tasting wines from the Mendoza region of Argentina as part of TasteLive! a live tasting social-networking platform run by Craig Drollett, that connects wine lovers and bloggers with different wineries.

TasteLive! allows wineries to get real-time feedback and opinions on their wines, and posts the comments simultaneously on Twitter.  This generates a buzz about the wines, and wineries!  Tonight we’ll try something different.  Rather than post a wrap up, we’ll be posting updates here on Another Wine Blog, posting some of our comments, as well as comments from our fellow TasteLive! participants.

For an OCD person like me, it’s going to be a challenge. But if @chinewinelover can get up early in the morning to participate, we’ll do our best to keep up!  TasteLive! starts at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. at Casa del Power) and Joe is feverishly preparing the snacks.

Keep checking back for updates!

A Sampling of TasteLive! Comments

TasteLive! Wines of Argentina with Snacks!
TasteLive! Wines of Argentina with Snacks!

After a bit of a delay due to technical difficulties (Murphy’s Law) We’re Tasting Live!

@WineWonkette Fournier B Crux Sauvignon Blanc is very tasty with Veal. Wouldn’t have paired but it goes really well with it. #winesofargentina #ttl

@1WineDude Had this O Fournier Malbec sitting in my glass for like 3 hrs. It’s changed from dense sour cherry to smoked meat & lots inbetween #TTL

@PullingTheCork A Crux is blackberry compote in spades…it just keeps going and going….and going and going on the finish. #winesofargentina #ttl

@PullingTheCork @1WineDude damn I am loving this A Crux! It’s like that blueberry/blackberry girl in Wonka blew up in my mouth! #ttl

@1WineDude @mmWine @PullingTheCork Trapiche Torrontes showing fine for me. Very floral and BIG on the nose. #TTL

@danielpi314 This is a Single Vineyard from La Consulta, in Mendoza 950m above sea level #winesofargentina #ttl

@Sonadora Big blueberry compote on the Trapiche Malbec nose! #winesofargentina #ttl

@Sonadora Tannic in the mouth. But nice bluebrry and blackberry. Earth, spice, chocolate. Trapiche Malbec. #winesofargentina #ttl

@timlemke Trapiche Malbec: Blackberries and blueberries on palate, along with chocolate mid-palate. #ttl #winesofargentina

@mmWine While $45 for the Trapiche Malbec may be approach people’s high side, I’d be willing to spend it with a nice meal #winesofargentina #ttl

@tastelive Since we’re about an hour behind, lets move one to @jeanbousquet Malbec Reserva 2006 #winesofargentina #ttl

@JEANBOUSQUET The Tupungato fruit is all about big fruit. #winesofargentina #ttl

@waterintowino Bousquet Malbec wow totally diff,sage and cinnamon much more old world fruit is playing a supportive role in this one #winesofargentina #ttl

@mmWine A little jammy on the palate, having a hard time thinking steak with this Jean Bousquet Reserva Malbec 07 #winesofargentina #ttl

@tastelive RT @JEANBOUSQUET We are the leading producer of organic wines in Argentina, we work very hard at it. #winesofargentina #winesofargentina …

@timlemke Jean Bousquet Malbec: @mmWine a little jammy? a lot jammy. Big fruit on th palate of this one. #ttl #winesofargentina

@PullingTheCork For $18 US dollars this wine is a steal in my opinion. #winesofargentina #ttl

@JEANBOUSQUET Soon you will be able to find out Grand Reserva in the States for $25 – don’t miss it. #winesofargentina #ttl

@1WineDude Pouring the 06 Zuccardi Bonarda now. Full disclosure: Bonarda’s not my fave variety but always willing to try! #TTL

@CraigDrollett Quite a shock going from those Malbecs back to Bonarda. Takes some getting used to. #winesofargentina

@SilenesCellar @1WineDude agreed. It is sweet on the nose, not burnt sugar but like you said before, jelly. #ttl

@leandrolowi Bonarda is great for Pastas and also is my favorite Pizza wine #winesofargentina #ttl

@gottannins bonarda originated near piedmont, italy. now it’s gigantico in maradona’s homeland. #winesofargentina #ttl

@tillamanilla Zuccardi Malbec 06—$18ish, has dried fruit, some campfire, slight vanilla. goes great with these churros #winesofargentina #ttl

@oenoblog Zuccardi Malbec 06 #winesofargentina: med intensity ruby clear soft blue hue; aromatic vanilla toffee plum black cherry raspberry violet fig

@waterintowino Trapiche has some serious grip, Fournier is most likely to succeed, the Bousquet wins best personality. #winesofargentina #ttl

@gottannins thx @mmwine @craigdrollett @tastelive @binendswine some solid wines tonight. personal favorite 2006 trapiche malbec #winesofargentina #ttl

@PullingTheCorkGoodnight to all, time for me to go make sweet #wine love to my O’ Fournier Alfa Crux Malbec @fournier1968 – it is amazing!

@tastelive Another great time (once we recovered) Thanks everyone! We’ve got things happening that will take care of the Twitter issue!soon #winesofargentina

The Aftermath! Viva TasteLive!
The Aftermath! Viva TasteLive!

So there you have it. That’s what we do with TasteLive!


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