WBC09: Our Sunday Side Trips

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Today was the last day of the 2009 North American Wine Bloggers’ Conference.  Today’s events included breakout sessions and vineyard walks. Joe attended one of the breakouts, while I was leisurely packing for our next excursion.

Last year we joined our fellow bloggers at Michel Schlumberger for the truly fabulous vineyard tour. But since we had visited them again in March for Wine River Road Barrel Tasting, this year we had arranged for some other winery events not directly associated with the conference.  First we took a trip to Sebastopol for an Open House at Freeman Winery.


Next we drove to Sonoma to meet with Jennifer Marion, winemaker at Anaba Wines. We walked out to the vineyard, and tasted from Anaba’s current portfolio.


On our way to Napa, we stopped at the Eighth Street Wineries, visited with the folks at Tin Barn Vineyards, and tasted their wines. Then drove to La Residence, in preparation for a winery tour of Hall Wines tomorrow. We’re a bit tired from all of our visits, but we’ll write about our side trips in detail soon!


~Amy Corron Power,
aka WineWonkette

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