In California again

wine blogger conference 2009They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and anyone who has ever seen the size of some of the asses waddling out of Luby’s or been run off of the road by some compensating “cowboy” in a ridiculously customized monster truck can attest, it does seem to be true. Things may indeed be bigger in Texas, to my mind at least, but in California everything just seems better. The air smells better, the sun feels gentler, the food tastes better, the people seem happier…it just all seems better to me. I don’t mean better than Texas, I mean better than anywhere else that I have visited. In fact, despite my opening comment, I do love Texas, but to expand on Mr. Benedetto’s sentiments, California truly has my heart no matter where else I am.

Amy and I flew into Sacramento last night, and today another wine adventure begins. We will meeting up with some of our favorite wine bloggers this afternoon in Murphys for a tour of Twisted Oak. After the tour, El Jefe will be leading us on a tasting tour of some of the best wines (other than the ones he makes) that Calaveras County has to offer. If we’re all smart, more good wine will be spit out than most of drink in a month. A hangover probably is not the way to start off a weekend bacchanalia.

Tomorrow is the start of the 2009 Wine Blogger Conference in Santa Rosa, and wine will be much easier to find than a bottle of water. In addition, on the way to Murphys, from Murphys to Santa Rosa, from Santa Rosa to Napa, and then from Napa back to Sacramento, we have visits scheduled with many fine wineries and winemakers in between.

There should be a lot of great stories to share with our readers from this adventure. That is, if we can remember any of it. Stay tuned!

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