Great, free vintage chart

While my useless, Comcastic provider is temporarily allowing me to be online, I would like to point everyone to the wonderful, free vintage chart from our friends at Enobytes. This vintage chart could be an exceptionally useful tool, in my opinion. The chart can be found at:

There is also a debate about the chart that is quite interesting. It starts out with this paragraph:

In recent years, some critics assert that vintage charts are obsolete, affirming winemakers have the technology and skills to make great wines even in the worst of years.

Before the discussion begins, the original post concludes with something that I agree completely with.

Additionally, if vintage charts are dead, why do the big players like Robert Parker and the Wine Spectator continue to update and maintain their vintage charts? It’s because they continue to provide significant information for which consumers find invaluable.

I hope that you find their vintage chart as useful as I do. As an aside, I appreciate my reader’s patience for my erratic posting schedule of late. Many evenings I have no Internet connection, despite paying a company who claims to provide lightning fast connections. I have had them out repeatedly to fix the problem, but frankly, they are not competent and I can only post when my intermittant connection allows. I will have them out one more time…to pick up their useless equipment after I switch providers. I thank everyone for sticking it out with me.

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