Sangiovese (part 1)

Sangiovese is a fascinating grape. It is most well known as the main grape of the sublime wines of Tuscany, but is also grown in other areas around the world. However, to me, most of the Sangioveses produced outside of Italy fall far short of the high standard set by the Tuscan wines. Australia produces some high quality versions, as is the U.S. in the form of Super Tuscans, but they just aren’t the same.

The name of the grape comes from sanguis Jovis, “the blood of Jove.” Jove, also known as Jupiter, of course, was the king of the gods in Roman mythology, the equivalent of the Greek god Zeus, which shows how highly regarded this grape was, and is.

This video from Wine Spectator is a love letter to the wines and countryside of Tuscany and features Elisabetta Angelini. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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