More good news for wine drinkers

Sometimes it seems that us wine drinkers may just live forever. In fact, we may be the only people, besides repo men, that get much good news these days. Take this article about an Israeli study showing that red wine is effective at making red meat more healthy:

Taking a sip of red wine with a bite of red meat is a carnivore’s dream come true. And now a team of Israeli scientists say the stomach likes the pairing as much as the mouth.

In a report published in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, the Israeli group, which includes pharmaceutical researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and gastrointestinal specialists at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, write that the stomach is better able to digest red meat in the presence of red wine. They found that red wine helps the stomach remove potentially harmful substances found in red meats, which are released during digestion, before the chemicals can do the body harm

Talk about good news! I may start having wine with every meal. For medicinal purposes only, of course. Then the news gets even better:

The conclusions backs earlier research that supports red wine over other alcoholic beverages with dinner, based on larger amounts of these healthful compounds. Kohen said that the results are translatable to forms of red meat, including beef. “Wine polyphenols can protect the gastrointestinal tract and destroy malonaldehydes that originate from other sources of food product, e.g. processed or fried foods,” he said.

Fried foods, too??? I love wine.

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