Another Wine Blogger’s take on Ike

My friend Hank talks about how the wine bar he works at managed to provide a sense of normalcy to some folks in the wake of Hurrican Ike. When all around you is destruction and chaos it is the little things like this that provide that thread of continuity to what came before, and promise that everything will be alright again.

I got to sling some wine, order some food and listen to what other people were going through with Ike and no power or running water. Many who were spared the worst, were hopeful and thankful. I could tell our Guests were glad to be doing something as simple as drinking a glass of wine and to just get away even if only for a half hour.

I am happy I went in to work and glad that management decided to open. It helped a lot of people to relieve a bit of stress and time to enjoy what they do have instead of dwelling on what was lost. Kudos to the The Tasting Room and all those other establishments that opened as soon as they could to help ALL of us feel a bit of Normalcy.

Thanks, Hank!

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