Decanting: Take Your Wine for a Little Spin

spinwineJoe is notorious for his suspicion of all unsolicited marketing e-mail and press releases. Back when he wrote most of the posts on the blog, Joe tended to either hit “Delete” or send a reply that would pretty much guarantee the person wouldn’t bother to write again. Especially since we had covered our love of the blanket press release in depth.

Given that I previously wrote press releases for a living, I have much greater sympathy for the guy pimping his client’s product, even if in bulk.  So most of the time, Joe just forwards the queries to me.  Lucky for us, the most recent release didn’t end up in his File 13.

Actually the query wasn’t bad as queries go, even though it did sound a little “too good to be true.” And while I’m sympathetic to PR reps, I am pretty cynical when it comes to marketing and advertising. So if you’re pitching something to me, unless I see it, taste it, smell it or touch it — I’m not going to do your marketing for you — I just don’t think our readers would appreciate it.

That said, there is a cool little device that could possibly turn your water into wine.  Okay, not really.  But it will save you the time of decanting — and it really works.

It’s an aerating device called SpinWine®; and that’s exactly what it does.

SpinWine® functions as a hybrid aerator/decanter by circulating air through the wine by way of a small opening in the device. Next, the wine channels into the SpinWine® patented helix, oxidizing and structurally reforming the wine to enhance flavors and texture.

spw-box900x2We tried it a bottle of 2007 Lorenzo’s Heirloom from Bedrock Wine Co. A blend of “ancient” vine Zinfandel, Carignane and Petite Sirah, this is a fabulously big wine we had decanted prior to tasting it before. This time we simply popped in the SpinWine® device and poured straight from the bottle to our glass, after first sampling the wine “un-spun.”  And it tasted as if it had been decanted for several hours giving it plenty of time to open up.

Sold through VinTech International Ltd., the SpinWine decanter is priced at $29.99. You can watch a video demonstration on their site as well.

SpinWine Decanter Demo

They sent us this one to sample, but I plan on buying several as gifts. Check it out, and let us know how it works for you!


Amy Corron Power, the WineWonkette ~Amy Corron Power,

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