Italian Wines

Italy is a growing region that I do not know enough about with respect to either its wines or its geography. The one thing that I do know is that I like Italian wine quite a bit, and every glass I taste always causes me to make an empty promise to myself to learn more. This article appears to be a good primer for getting started down that road.

Two of my friends from wine classes, Steve and Kay, are a lot more well versed on what Italy has to offer. Maybe they can add more insight.

From the article, this would seem to be good advice for anyone wanted to get started with Italian wines.

“Forget the Italian wine laws and all their legal jargon, which should be reserved for geeks like myself,” Alexander said. “Italian wine is just like California wine. You have some grapes and you have some places. It’s just that all these grapes and places happen to be Italian. Don’t worry about IGT or DOC or DOCG.”

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