Eat, Drink, or Die!

That is the name of a new (to me, at least) website about food and drink. The site features videos, recipes, blogs, forums, etc. Eat, Drink, or Die allows users to create profiles and interact with each and have personalized homepages.

This is how they describe the goals of their site:

BRITT LOVETT + TALIA LESAK (hello) believe that FOOD and DRINK keep us alive – spiritually as well as physically. We started this website because we ourselves wanted to get back into the kitchen – we wanted to cook more for our families and friends and we wanted our friends to cook more for us (big hint there guys).

We wanted to create a place where professionals and amateurs alike could share ideas about food, drink, and entertaining. A place where we could learn. We wanted to create a community of experts, passionate beginners, and everyone (us) in between.

We wanted our children to learn about healthy eating, sustainable farming, local food, and about our New Earth. We wanted to share with them how to enjoy food, drink, and life… to the fullest.

To us, EAT DRINK or DIE means to TASTE LIFE.

If you decide to join, make sure and stop by my page and say hello!

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