The American Wine Blog Awards

Yep, it is that time again. Tom Wark at Fermentaion: The Daily Wine Blog is rolling out the nomination process for his American Wine Blog Awards. From Tom’s site:

First is the Nomination Process. Anyone with an opinion may nominate up to 3 blogs in each category. Below you will see seven posts, one for each category. To make nominations in any of these categories simply leave a comment in the comment section of the relevant post. PLEASE…Take note of the criteria for nominating a blog. Most important and as in past years, a blog must have made a minimum of 52 post between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008.

Second, after the Nomination process is closed, a panel of judges will evaluate all the nominees in each category. Based on their judgment, we will determine the 4 finalists in each category.

Finally, once the finalists are determined, the public and the judges will vote on the best blog among each of the finalists in the seven categories. The vote of the public will be given 70% of the weight toward the eventual winner while the judges opinions will be given 30% of the weight toward determining the winners in each of the seven categories.

The seven categories that a blog may be nominated for are:

These awards tend to generate both a lot of interest and a lot of controversy, so stay tuned for the fun.

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