AWOL for Bordeaux

snobAnother Wine Blog will not be updated today, unless you count this post, and tomorrow as Amy and I head for Dallas for the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux tasting.

Alder over at Vinography has already been to one of the tastings and weighs in on the 2006 Grand Cru Bordeauxs. Here is part of his post, but you will want to read it all, I’m sure.

The 2006 vintage in Bordeaux was variable due to some unexpected weather at various points in the growing cycle — cool early on, some heat spikes in August, and then some rainfall around harvest time. Crop yields were down in general, and this was apparently a year where the decision on when to pick your grapes could have a dramatic impact on the quality of the wine that you produced. Some got their grapes in during beautifully sunny, dry weather, while others battled rains into September.

Overall, the vintage, to my palate, has resulted in some extremely tannic wines, many of which lean towards the bitter side of the spectrum. Not surprisingly, as a group the wines continue to be marked by a surfeit of new oak, regardless of whether the wines are structured to accommodate this choking dose of wood. The result are wines whose true character are obscured by vanilla and toast, as winemakers in the region seem obstinate in their insistence on new, toasty oak.

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