Budweiser is bought by company that brews Stella Artois

The idiots who drink that watered down swill with the detergent finish seem to be losing their minds over the deal. It boggles my mind that people could be so passionate about something so awful, as this CNN article describes.

Philip McClary was grilling out at his home in suburban St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday night when he heard hometown brewer Anheuser-Busch would be bought by the Belgian company InBev.

“I was actually drinking a Bud Light when I heard, and I couldn’t even finish it. That’s the honest-to-God truth,” he said Monday.

“I was proud to drink Budweiser, not any more,” said P.J. Champion, a student at the University of Mississippi who said the brew is “a great piece of American history.”

McClary put Champion’s thoughts to music, posting his song “Kiss Our Glass” on YouTube and on a Web site that tried to stop the sale, SaveBudweiser.com. Video Watch McClary sing ‘Kiss our Glass’ »

“America is not for sale, and neither is her beer,” McClary sings.

Budweiser versus Stella ArtiosSay what? Not for sale? Did anyone alert the Chinese? Seriously, the beer is awful, and these folks need to get a grip. Did they write songs and quit sweeping their floors when a foreign company bought Hoover?

My first reaction was that perhaps those Belgians would improve the beer. However, Stella Artoi isn’t that great of a beer either. One can always hope, though.

Here is a humourous comparison of both beers.

Sorry. As I said, beer on a Monday afternoon isn’t conducive to quality work. So Stella’s a better beer. BUT. It’s Belgian. And a six-pack is, like, $2 or $3 more than a six-pack of Bud. And its bottles are 11.2 ounces, because the Belgians use the metric system. Or something.

My advice to the folks who are just so upset about this is to knock off the jingoism and be truly patriotic and support their local microbrewers. While helping their neighborhood economy they could also be lifting our culture.

Life is way too short to drink shitty beer, much less protest about it.

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