Eric Asimov Rips the American Beer Industry

The New York Times wine columnist rightfully and righteously takes down the mass-producing wing of the American beer industry.

This paragraph drew my first of many “amens.”

Yet, the big beer companies apparently find it repulsive that people could conceive of beer as an adult beverage full of wonder and complexities. So they do their best to dumb down beer by essentially treating the beer-drinking public as idiots.

Ain’t that the truth? Then somewhere along the line I fell out of the pew and rolled in the aisles.

So, basically, the typical Coors customer, according to the company itself, has the intelligence of an aluminum can. Or less, actually, since it’s the can, not the guy, that knows when the beer is cold enough to drink.

Then he goes in for the kill. A perfect head shot.

But the result of all this marketing is the pervasive image that beer drinkers are essentially sub-humans who cannot operate in adult society, and that beer itself is not a beverage worthy of respect.

Amen brother! Although, upon re-reading that last paragraph, I think that perhaps the beer companies really do know their target audience quite well.

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