Can red wine cure the common cold?

red_wine_glassStrangely, one of the most popular posts ever on this site was the third one that I ever posted. I doubt many folks read it when it was first posted, but for some reason it continues to draw eyeballs. It dealt with research into into disabling microbial agents’ power to make us sick. One of the the compounds being looked at in this microbial war is a byproduct of the wine making process.

The post was entitled “Stepping into the Twilight Zone” because I found the news item after 2 days of whining on here that I had a nasty cold. This was the post:

This morning when I was looking at wine-related news the very first item on the list was this article. Seems maybe my dumb idea about wine knocking out bugs wasn’t so dumb after all.

“We’re finding new ways to prevent disease without killing the microbial agent … rather, neutralizing it somehow,” says University of Rochester dentist Hyun Koo, who is using compounds left over from vineyards’ wine-making to bust up gooey bacteria masses known as biofilms.

At the risk of tempting fate, and possibly even pissing off Mr. Murphy, I have not had a bad cold since that post. I have had some, but they were not severe and had no staying power. Whenever I feel a bug coming on I do four things, and so far it has worked like a charm. It may very well be coincidence, but as a former smoker I always used to get sicker than most when a cold struck, and I took twice as long to get over it.

At the first sign of a cold I run to the drug store for some Zicam. I get the lozenges if it is starting in my throat, and the nasal gel if the symptoms appear in my nose. Second thing I do is to drink water like a fiend to try and flush the nasties away. The third part of my routine is to keep to my workout routine. It seems to really work.

The final thing I do is to drink some red wine every night. Granted, I spend a lot of nights when I feel perfectly peachy doing the same damn thing, but when I am coming down with a cold it becomes ritual. Those other nights were just practice. Anyway, so far it seems to work. In fact, if I make it through this current plague that has half my building either hacking up a lung or calling in sick then I will be convinced. The bug keeps  trying to get me, but my wine habit seems to have repelled the invaders.

That wine stuff, is there anything it can’t do?

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