A Perfect Day

Oh, it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spent it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on
Perfect Day, Lou Reed

The way this wicked world has turned, a good moment can be hard to come by. So when a perfect day comes along, well, that’s something to cherish. Shared even, if possible. Here is my attempt to share it gladly with you.

After doing this for so long, it’s easy to get a little blasé about vineyard walks. One vineyard walk is like any other, n’est-ce pas? Au contraire, mon frère! Okay, I’ll knock off the bullshit pretense that I speak French, but check this out; a photo journey of a walking tour in the La Clape region of Languedoc. Fantastique! Oops, sorry.

A Vneyard in Languedoc

We set off on a nice stroll. The top of this was our destination. The name of this thing is appropriately Massif de La Clape. I will refrain from making a Tijuana joke here.

The Hillside

As you can imagine, walking to the top of that thing caused us all to work up a powerful thirst. Happily, this is what awaited us at the summit.

The wines of Languedoc

With great thirst also comes great hunger! Luckily for us, the La Clape folks had taken this into consideration.

Loaves of bread

It is said that man cannot live by bread alone. So there was seafood. More precisely, seafood with a view.

Seafood with a view

Get a load of this oyster! He posed, then I ate him. C’est la vie, huître bitches.

a clam

Then there were these guys. They have some snazzy frenchie name, bulots I think, but they are whelks. And whelks are big ass sea snails. Probably two paychecks away from being homeless, thereby rendering them into common big ass garden slugs. I was afraid. I didn’t want to eat a big ass garden slug. Rémy said to eat it, claiming that it was delicious. Rémy is Canadian, so is generally a very nice person. Rémy is more specifically French-Canadian, so I never know if he’s just fucking with me. But not wanting to get the old, “la chatte américain” look, I ate one. Then a half dozen more. They are indeed delicious. Merci beaucoup, Rémy.


This is Rémy. And his gang. You have been warned.

After stuffing myself with bread, stinky cheese (not pictured, but delicious), clams and slugs, um whelks, I found this lonely little fella. Sometimes solitude is good.

A lone flower

In vino veritas, and this is Per Karrlson (BKWine Magazine) and Denise Medrano (The Wine Sleuth) getting quite wise. I may have found a bit of wisdom on the mountaintop myself.

“Hey bay-BEE, I maybe show you my drone?” Fabien Lainé (Fabien Lainé Agency), who said no such thing, despite being an excellent drone pilot, holds court on the mountaintop.


Some of us, however, were above such nonsense. Leona De Pasquale, (The Vintage Magazine) relaxes and enjoys the view.


And what a stunning view it was!

La Clape View

Amy and I would like to thank the wine makers of AOC La Clape for their hospitality, and Clair de Lune for bringing us to France to experience the region and taste the amazing wine!

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