Wine and Cheese Pairing Article

I came across a good article on pairing wine with cheese.  It has (mostly) very good, practical advice, as this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Although, for wine and cheese lovers, it is hard to make a really bad match.

The one issue I have with any of the tips is the one about red wine. While it is true that many cheeses do take away some of the fruitiness of wine, tannins and fat, a substance that is abundant in cheese, are one of the more perfect matches on earth. Red wine is a more natural match for cheese than white wine for that reason, although I enjoy pairings with both.

From the article:

This is a particularly good tip:

Blue cheese is especially difficult to pair with red wine. Instead match a good blue cheese with a dessert wine.

While I find that to be true, I also know many folks who like it with both reds and whites. Personally, I prefer champagne to dessert wines with blue cheese.

Raw milk cheese is cheese made with unpasteurized milk. They are legal in the US, but only if they have been aged for 60 days or more. This includes imported cheese.

Damn shame, that.

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