Bargain Wine Part 2 – Little James Basket Press

Like my last post about a bargain wine, this one is also not about a great wine. However, this is a very good one that comes close to greatness, if there is such a category for humble table wine.

Little James Basket Press is a non vintage single varietal French  Vin de Table from Saint-Cosme. The wine is 100% Grenache from the Southern Rhone. Not quite as cheap as my last bargain wine, this one is still a steal at around $12, and I have seen it for as low as $10.

This wine delivers soft gobs of sweet cherry flavor along with some floral and ripe, juicy blackberry flavors. For all that, it has a very pleasing dry finish with just a hint of minerals. Chill this in the fridge for about 15 minutes and  NV Saint-Cosme Vin de Table Français Little James’ Basket Press will very likely become your go-to Summer red wine. It is for me.

TNow that’s what I call a bargain wine!

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