The Label Project Contest: Wine 2 Clues

The Label Project Wine 2 As we told you on Sunday, Another Wine Blog is participating in The Label Project, a global initiative to go beyond the label, uncover the true character of the wine inside the bottle, and the uniqueness of the region behind it. We, along with over 140 bloggers from 12 different countries were invited to participate.

Our wine adventure began with a copy of Catcher in the Rye and a cryptic e-mail. We then received 3 wines and clues to help determine the region of the wine and the varietal. You can play along too. See if you can guess the wine! Add your comment below or to the original post for your guess of the Varietal and the Producing Region. Any U.S. resident who guesses all three correctly will have his or her name placed in a drawing to win one prize of a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant local in his or her area from Another Wine Blog!

Here are the Clues for Wine 2

Varietal Clues for Wine 2:

1. Spicy aroma of rich fruit cake.
2. Rich berry flavours with a hint of dark chocolate.
3. Velvety texture.

Regional Clues for Wine 2:

1. Altitude of the region ranges from around 250-400 metres (about 800-1300 feet) above sea level.
2. In general, winters are cool and wet but summer days are warm, dry and sunny here.
3. It is very popular with wine tourists.

The Label Project Wine 2 Clues

Tasting notes:

Bright ruby red, this wine tastes of dark berry fruit, powdery cocoa and lavender. Velvety finish with a perfect malolactic fermentation. A tiny hint of eucalyptus on the palate.

We paired this with Barely Buzzed a coffee/lavender rubbed cheddar from Beehive Cheese Company in Uintah, Utah.

To Enter Our Contest:

Think you can identify this wine? Please enter your guess of Varietal and Region in the Comments below. Make sure you include both the name of the Varietal and the Producing Region. You must comment and provide your guess to each of three wines to be entered in a drawing to win the $50 restaurant gift certificate. Contest open to only U.S. Residents. Enter by Close of Business (5 p.m.) Friday, September 28, 2012.

Good Luck!

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