Michel -Schlumberger Cab Franc

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Eating thinly sliced skirt steak and wild rice paired with 2007 Michel -Schlumberger Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Franc.  We bought futures and the future is upon us! The Franc bitterness has mellowed to nothing and the fruit is big and rich.  What a nose!

  • Sunshine Mountain Vineyard

    Good food paired with good wine! Kudos to you sir!

  • This blog is a nice find – fun to read and I like the sidebar!

  • Good food and good wine, two of my favorite things! Nice

  • Katie Mcmillan

    Love Michel-Schlumberger wines! One of the best in Healdsburg that I’ve tried.

  • Chanel Babe-Gina

    Love Michel-Schlumberger wines!! agree with the other comments.