Robert Parker – Someone’s Opinion

I don’t usually link to someone else’s blog post without much comment, but I thought this one about Robert Parker over at MustLoveWine was well worth it.

A short excerpt:

So why do I say Bob rocks? Say what you will about the guy who rates wines – a subjective bit of work if ever there is one. However, Bob has done more for the world of wine than few could ever dream of. Bob is truly an independent. He accepts no advertising in his publication, “The Wine Advocate” and buys all wines that he samples for rating out of a personal budget. Wines which are shipped to Bob gratis for his work are subsequently donated to good charity cause auctions. His character and mission of absolute independence and honesty without the pressures of indebtedness is honorable. That’s a pretty high standard for any to hold dear and yet Bob seems to do it with élan.

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