Wine and Sexual Preference

Is your choice of wine saying something about your sexuality? Maybe your wine glass knows more about you that you do yourself. A winemaker in France things so.

This week, Franco D’Eusanio, who operates an organic vineyard in the Abruzzo region, introduced the “masculine” red wine ‘Is,’ the feminine white wine ‘Ea’ and the rose ‘Id’, for those with uncertain or ambiguous inclinations. Each comes with a psychological test and a questionnaire on sexual behavior, the ANSA news agency reported.

He claims the wine and material will help consumers “look within themselves and discover their true sexual identity,” the report said.

For the record, I only drink very heavy reds. Mostly South African Pinotage. Double strength, and made into a heavily fortified port. Sometimes I even add motor oil to it. That column I wrote praising Muscadet? Forget about it! I was just seeing if I could get some less manly men, you know, the type that drive Jettas, to start drinking it. Kind of an early April Fool’s gag. Now, how about those Packers?

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